Sunday, January 14, 2007

Recent Observations from West Cork, Ireland:

Recent Observations from West Cork, Ireland:

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Another early spring day

Recent Observations from West Cork, Ireland:

Another week. Curly has me on a mission to clean up the farm. I think he thinks he can work me harder than any of the kids worked. I am going to be like them and sit for three hours picking weeds in a one square yard of space. It worked for Josh and Caleb. It use to drive Dale crazy. He ended spending more time cleaning up after them then he would have spent doing it himself. Unfortunately, they have treated life this way. Get up at noon, get a case of the red eyes, and sit on their butts for the rest of the day. Old Josh is still working on his elusive driver's license, GED, job, and a life. Guess I am to blame for his failure to achieve. Surely, it is not his fault. Caleb, my rock star, couldn't seem to get up to take his music finals. Boy, did I catch hell from Dale about this. Caleb has made a big deal about his music, but his red eye disease keeps him from accomplishing much. I think he caught this from his big brother, Chris.

Another Zoloft, hope I don't piss off Tom Cruise, and an Irish coffee. Then we will sit down to read the Sunday papers.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

What a drag it is getting up

Recent Observations from West Cork, Ireland:

After five days of rain, we woke up to see the Sun. Five more days of this and the grounds might dry up. Linda can then get on her tractor and mow. Time to go kick up the feet, drink some Irish coffee, and read the Sunday Times.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

When will summer start?

Recent Observations from West Cork, Ireland:

We have been back in West Cork for a month. There was nothing blooming or budding on the first of May, so we assumed that we had the usual end of April hail storm before we made it back. By the 10th of May, the apple trees were blooming. It appears that summer will be late. Guess it is the global warming thing. Life would be grand, as they say here, if the temperature would edge above 65 degrees. We do see the sun, but cold.

Guess I am going to have to go visit my mom in Walden to get a blast of warm South Texas air.

Mother's Day and my birthday passed. Out of five sons, I only heard from two. I guess the others didn't need any money. Oh that's wrong, Chris is still trying to sue us we think. Way to go Chris, and thanks for the birthday card.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Quickest way to receive a phone call from your kids

Recent Observations from Gozo, Malta:

I have found that after years of unanswered calls to my sons, that the easiest way to have them call me is to write about them and how I only hear from them only when they want something. Dale's oldest, Christopher (Baby Jesus,) must read this blog. Keep in mind we haven't talked with him in over a year, but he loves to rant and rave to my family about what a reprobate Dale is. I guess it proves the old saying, "those who can, do, those who can't, bitch". He bitches more than my college room mates.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Life Is Good to Us So Far

Recent Observations from Gozo, Malta:

Took the Gimp down to Victoria today. What a brilliant day!

It is very hard to accomplish anything when the climate is so fantastic. If this is global warming, keep buying petrol.

The folks on Gozo are so accommodating. We are trying to have curtains fitted, and the lady doing it for us has been unbelievable in her help.

We were surprised to have our letter to the London Sunday Times published this past week. Somebody must like our sense of humor.

Let me sign off as I am having too much fun to write.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Birthday Boy

Recent Observations from Gozo, Malta:

After another year of trying to knock him off, Dale has survived this past year. I would have thought that with all of the fried food and potatoes, or is it potatos, he would not have survived this past year. At 56, he has outlived the actuary tables I ran on him when we were married. I am getting tired of doing this and doing that for him. Give him the "Hunter S. Thompson Solution". No really, it could be worse. He could have feeling below his waist. Talk about a quickie.

Well, Happy Birthday. I wish you hadn't forgot mine, but I doubt that any of your sons will remember yours.



What's Up

Recent Observations from Gozo, Malta:

Linda is acting real strange today. Maybe she is starting her period.
She is smiling a lot, but maybe it is the wine.
Well the sun is shining, so I will get her to wheel me out.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Thank God the Weatherman is Wrong Again

Recent Observations Gozo, Malta:

The weatherman said it was going to rain all day. Then we woke up to find beautiful sunny weather. After going to Victoria to get chocolate doughnuts and the London Sunday Times, we sat out on the terrace, and watched the horses go by while reading, and drinking Irish coffees.

Linda says if I get much darker, I'll be darker than Michael Jackson.

I think i am already darker the Michael Jackson, but that's not saying much.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

What a bummer of a Day

Recent Observations from Gozo, Malta:

Out of Sun today, and Linda isn't feeling well. Where are drugs when you need them? Who is going to take care of me. I even have to type today. Our source of news here comes from Drudge Report and Fox News. I wish Fox would change their stories as often as Drudge. If we see Martha Stewart feed her horses or show her lemons one more time we are going to have to have sex. Oh God, please let us have another kidnapping, so we can have another "Amber Alert". The Europeans bugger their kids all the time, but they don't put it on TV.

If the jury in California lets Michael Jackson lets him off of the hook, I won't even come back for weddings or funerals, as if anyone would care. We watched his interview with Bashur and you could since he was molesting that kid. We think that the father will be found to be the cause of the girl missing in Florida. We will see.

Thank God for good, cheap Maltese wine. I might make it through the day.

Reading a very good book "Men in Black" by Mark Levin. It goes a long way in explaining why the Supreme Court has usurped the true meaning of the Constitution. If you read the Bill of Rights, you will find no mention anywhere about the justification for the judgments handed down in the last forty years. It should a must read for high school students, if they have to read books any more.

Oh the Sun is out and Linda is in a better mood, so she is wheeling me out to the terrace.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Recent Observations from Gozo, Malta:
Malta, Gozo, Comino

A group of small islands about fifty miles south of Sicily, and several hundred miles from the north coast of Africa. The temperatures rarely exceeds 45 degrees in the winter or 90 degrees in the summer. The wettest months might yield five inches, some months less than an inch. Today, in Ireland, we have had a slow, steady drizzle, which has registered over five inches from rain gauge. The sun shines over 340 days a year. This is going to be a hard choice. Winter in West Cork or Gozo? Years of schooling I hope are paying off. GOZO.


If it was good enough for Ulysses to spend seven years with the nymph, what connotations that brings up, Calypso eating lotus, it is good enough for us.

Gozo lies two miles north of the island of Malta. It is about nine miles wide and about four miles long. It holds about ten percent of Malta’s population, or 29,000. There is archeological evidence that it was part of a prehistoric land bridge from Italy to Africa. Almost everyone speaks English, but also have their own language, when they do not want us “blowins” to understand what they are saying to each other.

The Phoenicians, and then the Carthaginians inhabited it before 200 BC. Of course, then the Romans conquered Malta, as well as all the rest the Mediterranean. Even poor Saint Paul the Apostle was briefly shipwrecked there shortly before in eventual beheading in Rome. The Arabs dominated the area from 870 to 1127. The crusades brought the Malta under the influence of the Europeans until 1530. The Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, a chivalrous religious order, were granted the islands, after the loss of Jerusalem to the Arabs. Napoleon decided to plunder, rape, and pillage Malta in 1798 on his way to Egypt. Unfortunately, all of the treasures that he stole ended up on the bottom of the ocean, before he could make his way to Africa. The British fleet, led by Lord Nelson, destroyed most of Napoleon’s fleet in 1800, and secured Malta for the Crown, until it gained it’s sovereignty in 1964. The history is rich and varied, and very well told in the novel “The Kappillan of Malta” by Nicholas Monsarrat. Monsarrat reads like Michner.

Guess we will have to change the title of the site to “Americans Living in West Cork and Gozo”. I hate to let the secret out, but Gozo is probably one of the most inexpensive places to retire on the Mediterranean or in Europe.

Happy Birthday to All

Recent Observations from Gozo, Malta:

Happy Birthday to my sons, Shane and Josh Clark. My mother, Gloria, also had a birthday last week. Next week is Dale's birthday. He will be older than he feels, but younger than he looks. I have promised to buy him a chair lift for the stairs, so I don't have to carry him so much. He is such a baby, he won't even change his own Depends.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunny Sunday

Recent Observations from Gozo, Malta:

The London Sunday Times, Irish Coffee, pastries, and clear Sunny skies.

We start our diet tomorrow.

"I may be fat, but you are ugly, and I can diet"

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Another pretty day

Recent Observations from Gozo, Malta.

The weather in Xaghra, Gozo is phenomenal. Dale worked on his tan. He doesn’t want to be a white face here. Would hate to see what is happening in Ireland.

Is it just us, or is it possible that the whole banking system in the US sucks. They all act like it is their money. The fees have gone through the roof. They will not even talk to you without a charge. We have dealt with a “small” bank in Houston, Sterling. They have changed so much in the last seven years. They have become so rude and unhelpful. What ever happened to the good old southern hospitality? It seems lost in Houston.

Oh well, let me go wheel Dale off the terrace before his melanoma gets bigger.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Just the Two of Us Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A new Website

Recent Observations from Gozo, Malta

Our website is up and running at

We will use this blog to publish items that we cannot put on the website due to our PC family. We would be dead if our skin was as thin as the rest of our family.

Is it us, or is just that the younger generation is so sensitive?

Are we the only ones who have kids like this?

More to follow.

Friday, March 22, 2002

Recent Observations from Lindale Farm:

One of the joys of living in a rural area is that one can grow a garden and commune with nature. Sure. The first spring here, 2000, we began to prepare the middle field for our premier garden. We brought a tiller with us, and I proceeded to conquer the Irish soil. Rocks. Big ones, small ones, large ones, gigantic ones. We had our first “rock party” in Ballybawn West. Thankfully, we had three of the five sons living here at the time. The hard work I left to their able hands. However the next day I learned the first rule of starting a new garden, rocks beget rocks. Back the guys came for a second round of fun.

Satisfied that all was well, Linda began transplanting her carefully nurtured seedlings to the rows of naturally composted earth. Prior to our arrival, the land had been used to pasture cows. Needless to say we will not have to fertilize for years. An organic garden without even trying!

But I digress. This was on April the 30th, and we had not experienced any cold weather for over six weeks. All was well. With the feeling of a job well done, we could look out and await nature to do its job.

Yeah, you know what is coming next. One of the advantages of our location is the elevation. Lindale Farm sits approximately 600 feet above sea level. The sea lies about three miles to our South. Warm air from the Gulf, proceeds up the US east coast and crosses the Atlantic to endow us with our mild weather, as West Cork is the first landfall for this mass of heat and moisture. Nature plays strange tricks on the novice. May first arrived with another beautiful start. Temperatures in the low sixty’s, we still haven’t learned centigrade, and not a cloud in the sky. Around ten some clouds began to form and we felt sure we might see the first rain for the last several weeks. We did, but not first. First we had about thirty minutes of pea size hail, followed by an hour of snow. All the while, the temperature did not drop below fifty. Then the skies cleared and we went to examine the damage. Didn’t look too bad, all things considered.

We went back to the house to have a glass of wine, and congratulate ourselves on our good luck, when we noticed clouds forming again. Maybe this would bring our rains. You already know the answer. More hail, followed by more snow, followed by more hail, and then a little sleet to round out the afternoon. The second visit to our virgin garden revealed devastation, which leads to the second rule of gardening in Ballydehob, don’t plant outdoors until after May 15th. If only we had asked the neighbors first.